I have always had that dream to touch peoples emotional senses - some do music, some do pictures - I do objects !

I founded aggestrup to etablish new icons of sculpturel objects with art as the main storytelling.

we call it ‘art with function’, to highlight the emotional senses in the physical form, material and color choices.

The studio is about ‘nærvær’- the danish word for being present. Presence in relation towards others, and about being ‘present in the moment’ in relation with yourself.

_about aggestrup

aggestrup is a small design studio located in denmark in the countryside up north close to the sea. The company is founded by Camilla Aggestrup in 2016.

All products are handcrafted by local craftsmen in Denmark or by myself. I have a close partnership with one in every field of the crafts industry. to craft the #80 the product has been through the hands of an upholsterer - a blacksmith - and a carpenter.

I believe in no-seasonal products and long product development to make new classics.

_My vision

My vision is To design objects to the world’s architecture to raise awareness of the human presence.

My mission is through objects to make people feel alive, loved and present in their life.

Love is to FEEL presenCE to ourself and to others. to give someone attention is to give them love. we need that awareness towards others and ourself.

We live to touch and be touched.

My ambition is to touch you.

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